A Good Domain is only half the Battle

A solid domain name is only half the battle when it comes to SEO marketing. Heck, might even be “less than half”. I just wanted to outline a quick experience I just had with Google searching a term that pulled up some really interesting results.

I was searching for some high resolution wallpapers images for my new laptop, so like any basic searcher would do I went to Google and typed in the term I was looking for. In this case I was being lazy and type in “hi rez wallpapers”. Of course, up came as many results as I had time to check out. The interesting thing was around the 5th entry on the SERP was a site that existed only by IP! No domain associated with it at all, even more wild is it was ranking this high for a very competitive term. Impossible you say… nay good sir… nay!

This example brings up some great points, first of all just because you have an amazing domain name, like “cars.com”. Doesn’t mean Google is instantly going to have you rank for the term, for no other reason than because it is in your domain. Don’t get me wrong, it does matter, but not near as much as it used to. Case in point here, how mad would you be if you spent 1000’s of dollars on a domain name only to get beat out by a site that is only own my IP address.

Check out my screen shots below and see for yourself. I figure this article might also be great ammo for those SEO’s that have that client who thinks he has the market pinned as soon as get that super sweet domain name.