• Identified business need, purposed to executive staff, designed & architected solution
  • Mitigates security risk related to private contract documents
  • Solution dynamically water marks PDF documents with the user’s information, time stamp, and other unique information which can be used for tracking purposes if shared publically
  • Technologies include Strong Loop, Node.JS, AngularJS, Joomla, SugarCRM
  • Direct integration into existing frameworks, CRM & CMS, which allow management of all assets by non-technical staff

The contract management application allows our members (cable companies) to access the various files related to each contractual agreement the NCTC negiotates with programmers (such as Disney, HBO, Fox). There are a number of files related to each agreement and based on the details of the contractual agreement a subset of our members are typically given access. Prior to this project, that access was restricted by using password protected PDFs. This was an extremely high pain point for our members as they would have to remember a unique password for each contract (typicaly have over 150 active contracts).

I designed and architected a solution which applies contextual security at the user level to grant or deny access to the various files related to the contractual agreements. Upon requesting a copy of any file, an audit trail is created and prior to the delivery of the document it is watermarked with the information related to the specific user who requested the down.


  • Drastically improved user experience.
  • Heightened security and newly created audit trail.
  • Watermarking tool dramatically reduce the likelihood for users to re-post sensitive documents.
  • The solution is directly integrated into the CRM, resulting in management of the contracts by entry level staff.
  • Loosely coupled AngularJS single page application wrapped as a Joomla module.
  • Development for this project was completed by a blend of internal resources and North Gate Digital.