Create a nopCommerce 2.0 theme

A quick run down of what we are going to do… copy an existing theme from one of the default nopCommerce themes. Register the new copied theme with the nopCommerce Framework. Point you to the CSS files so you are free to make any changes to the CSS and images you wish. Making a completely custom nopCommerce theme.

This tutorial does not require Visual Studio and does not need any type of recompile of the nopCommerce code. You can do everything in this tutorial with notepad and access to the file system nopCommerce is installed in (FTP, network, SCP, etc).

This tutorial applies to:

nopCommerce 2.0, nopCommerce 2.1, nopCommerce 2.2, nopCommerce 2.3

To get started you are going to copy one of the pre-existing themes and use it as the base of your new theme. So go to the root of your nopCommerce store and drill down to the theme section.


Step 1 – Copy the Directory

Here you should see a couple of themes, which themes exactly depend on the version of nopCommerce you are using. I recommend selecting