Digital Signature Tool

We are very excited to have just released our brand new HTML signature module, Secured Mark. Its purpose is to protect merchants against credit card charge backs by locking an eCommerce check out lane until the customer signs (literally, with your mouse being used as a pen) the form. At that point the check out lane is unlocked and the customer can check out as normal.

The signature is then stored on our secured server at Secured Mark and available for the merchant to review all signatures 24-7 and download any signature in the event of a charge back to be used as evidence to fight the fraudulent charge back.

Our software also servers to protect the customers shopping on your sites from identity theft and cyber fraud. We feel that an online transaction should be just as secure as a face to face point of sale transaction. In that manner, a we strive to provide the same type of service you would expect from a real physical business where you sign a digital pad as your credit card signature.

The module can be installed on any HTML page, and has no tie to any server technology. What that means is if you can place an image in your checkout lane then you can install our module. Unlike all other Signature Technology there is no need to install anything on your web server, register any files, or install anything else. Just place the code we give you any where you want to capture a client’s signature. Put another way, the Secured Mark Signature Module will work with any PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, or basic HTML site. It is completely language and server independent!

Check out our demo!

or try it live here!

We welcome any feed back as we are just releasing this brand new technology.