Embedding Flash in nopCommerce

There have been a lot of requests for Leader Boards, Slide Shows, and other flash elements to be displayed on the home page content of nopCommerce. I’m going to explain how to do this in just a couple of easy steps.

First off, go the topic content editor of the home page. If you are using an unaltered nopCommerce 1.9 install, then that topic is called “HomePageText “. From there just click “edit” to change the content editor just like you where going to make some simple text changes. When the content editor loads, click the upper left button labeled “source”. This will change the content editor to view true HTML. From there just add your flash content, for example. This trick can also be handy for making custom markup changes without actually editing any of the core files.

<object width="550" height="400">
<param name="movie" value="somefilename.swf">
<embed src="somefilename.swf" width="550" height="400">

Then just save your work and you are all set. If you need some more information about embed tags, I suggest W3 School’s Flash Tutorial.

This technique will work for all the fancy items you see around the internet scene… Leader Boards, Slide Shows, Featured Products, ect.