Enable SSL (https) with nopCommerce

So if you used some of the older versions of nopCommerce you noticed that there was a nice little check box labeled “Enabled SSL“. This was simple enough, assuming you set up your SSL cert on your webserver, you where ready to go with a secured eCommerce Site. Well with newer versions of nopCommerce, that toggle has been removed from the Administrative Section and placed in the web.config.

Specifically use these steps to turn on SSL (https) with your site are…

  1. Make sure that your SSL cert is installed on your webserver
  2. Go the primary web.config file of the application (not the web.config for the administrative section)
  3. Change UseSSL value to true
  4. Then just save the file, this does not require a recompile of the project

Also realize that depending on version you are using only the sensative parts of your site will be https SSL encrypted… like the check out lane.

This post was written and check with versions 1.8 and 1.9 of nopCommerce.