Evernote + Google Voice is Great for Phone Meetings

I stumbled on this one by accident. I make it a habit of recording import conversations using Google Voice by hitting “4” during the call to record the conversation and send it to my Google Voice account in case I miss something important on the call. It has saved me numerous times, and in most cases I can use the translate feature of Google Voice to figure out which items I missed.

Well eventually I had accumulated enough voice mails that it was becoming a pain to archive them meaningfully. That is where Evernote fits perfectly. Emailing these voice phone conversations into Evernote works perfectly. Plus you get the added feature of adding any other additional notes to the conversation you might want, while getting the added benefits of Evernote’s organizational structure. Plus you can follow the “play” link to hear your literal audio voice message.
For those of you like me that have plenty of phone meetings and need to come back to the recordings… this little trick can save you time and keep you more organized.

I outlined how to do it below, but if you are in a hurry the jist is that I sent the voice mail via email to my Evernote Account.


STEP 1: Find your Google Voice Message and click the “more” link at the bottom of the message.


STEP 2: Click “Email”.



STEP 3: Enter in your Evernote email address.



STEP 4: And there you go… your message right into Evernote!