Finer Points of Theme Design in nopCommerce

So I was going to skin a store for a client and ran into a couple of issues that I had not noticed before that I could not correct using just CSS. Here is a break down of the issues

White Background on Star Rating for Products
So I guess it finally happened, and I changed the background color to something other than white. Immediately I noticed that when you roll over the stars to rate the product they have a nasty white background. They are hard coded into the image. So all you need to do is replace the stars with the same image having the correct background. Feel free to download my correction images. They are a gray store for empty and a bright blue star for filled.


You will want to replace these image in your respective theme here…

Changing the Tab Color in the Product Review & Product Tags Area
So another spot I noticed that I couldn’t correct using CSS was the tabs in lower section of the product area for the customer reviews of products and the tags related to products. These are both displayed on the lower half of the standard product page. To replace them you just need to replace the image with one that works for your theme. Here are the images paths so you can find them quickly.


Notice that this image has both tab color in the single image. The upper slice is the “inactive” tab color and the lower slice is the “active” tab.

As always feel free to contact us if you need any help or have any questions.