IFTTT.com – If This Than That

So this is my new favorite site. “If this than that” or “ifttt.com” allows you to automate all those tasks that I forget to do on a regular basis. How it works … “if this than that” can automate actions from all sorts of different sites based on triggers. Pretty much the sky is the limit here, and you can customize EVERYTHING. Here are a couple of examples of how I use it, but to get started you have to register whatever sites you want to use with https://ifttt.com, as you might expect and it works with just about everything. WordPress, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Evernote are just a few. Plus it can even call or text you!

“Text me if it rains”

So I just bought an old 1960 Jeep with no top. As you might imagine I need to know asap if it rains. With “if this than that” I just setup a recipe to say “if it rains then text me”. Simple as that. 

“Place my WordPress Post on Twitter” 

This one checks my WordPress blog and tweets the info for any new posts on my twitter account. I have similar ones that send my posts from WordPress to Evernote, Pocket, and Facebook. 

Some other fun ones are if I text a number it will call me. If you need to get out of a conversation, this one can be nice. I can text right from my computer, so I can basically escape from a conversation with an automated phone call. 

What this site does for me is make my social profile more complete by making sure that any article I write gets tossed in all the right places. I know there are many other ways to so this, but so far this is by far my favorite. 

If you got any good ifttt.com recipes, be sure to toss them in the comments section below.