– One of the Best

I use this service everyday and it is one of the few sites that quickly and cleaning made my life easier. Best of all it is free!

I have been using LastPass for about 4 months now, and I can honestly say that it has made both my work and professional life much easier. I’m a web developer and having tons of accounts at different sites is just part of the job. Of course, I have tons of personal account as well (for no other reason than I’m just nerdy). I have about three blogs, my bank, email, on and on the list of my online accounts just get longer everyday.

Well LastPass is your solution. I’m sure you have tired other password solutions. For a long time I just used the one that integrated into firefox. Too bad, it wasn’t sync’ed with a cloud. But it did work well, since most of the time my work accounts where saved on my work computer, and personal stuff was saved on my computer at home. Of course this did nothing for my mobile browsing. So I basically just winged it … until now.

LastPass works with nearly all operating systems, browsers, and mobile phones. Allowing you to have access to all your accounts at once with an automatic login feature. You just hop onto the a site and in you go. Happily you begin to forget all those passwords thus work and play become faster and less of a hassle. However if you need to dig up one of those old passwords just go to LastPass and login to your account and quickly and easily find the site and account information you are looking for.

Check out a ton of screen shot here.

I posted a couple of pictures just so you can get a quick idea of how it works.