LinkSys e1200 Router – Wireless traffic is SO slow

My Linksys e1200 Wireless router was working great for a couple of months and then all of a sudden the speeds went to a crawl. The router was pretty new (4 months old), so I figured there was something up with it. Turns out there is a setting that attempts to learn your traffic and give certain types of traffic higher priority. Problem is like in my case, if it learns the priorities wrong, then you internet turns to the speed of a phone modem. Anywho, its a quick fix, just read below.

  1. Go to and login (this is the url to get to router when you are connected at home). You will need to know your login to the router. In my case it was “admin” and the password was the same as the one I use to connect to my wifi.
  2. Find a page that has QoS settings under “Applications & Gaming” and select the “QoS” sub-menu.
  3. Disable WMM Support.
  4. Save it.