… Well …

So ever since was shutdown

a quick moment of silence for the death of my favorite music site….

I have been looking for a cloud music service. I’ve even been waiting to see if Apple is going to do anything with its newly purchased Hoping that maybe even iTunes would have a cloud version available, but that doesn’t exactly look like that is happening either.

So to solve this problem I have signed up for Well to be honest, I wasn’t at all impressed.

The bad…

  • No Market Place – there are no options at all to buy music to add to your library. The only music you have access to are the files you uploaded.
  • No social networking options – lacks any type of integration with facebook, twitter, or its own internal community
  • The CD I did upload failed to tag automatically the artist, album, track name, artwork, or any other relevant information.
  • General lack of s – there really isn’t much there. Which for some maybe a good thing, but for me and all my nerdiness I want options and cool features that this service just plans lacks.

The not so bad, but not all that good either…

  • Very simple – you can very cleanly upload your library and have access to it on most mobile devices or any web browser.
  • Free – their base option for 2 gig is totally free.
  • Mobile App Integration – they have both iPhone and Android applications that work with the service.