My TeraByte Dropbox – OwnCloud

So I stumbled on this by accident and since then it has made a big change in my day to day “data”. OwnCloud is an open source version of Dropbox. If you are looking for a more secure, more customizable, higher volume, or cheaper solution than DropBox you should definitely check this out. It works exactly the same way and is based on the same concept of sync’ing up all your files on a cloud there they are safe and sound. Also don’t think this is some small random open source project, they have all the mobile app’s on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones you would want. This goes without saying, but it will also install on any computer (Mac, Linux, PC) all of which I have personally tried.

OwnCloud also gives you options on how to get their stuff installed. You can use their hosting service which in that case it works a lot like Dropbox. Or, as in my case, I run this right out of my house and I have it hooked up to a terabyte linux server where I can chuck this thing full of all sorts of stuff. That way I know exactly where it is, I can back it up, and I know it is completely secure. Another option is that you can set up OwnCloud on one of those cheap linux hosting accounts from GoDaddy and blow DropBox’s pricing right out of the water.

I’ll be posting more about this since I’m really interested in this project. I have it running on a very simple LAMP environment running off a residential internet service (Time Warner Cable). I got a slick little deal where the dynamic IP that residential ISP give you auto updates with my domain so when they change my IP my domain that site is tied to doesn’t go down.

As always if you have any questions, just post them in the comments section and I’ll get back to you asap.

Official Commercial Site

OwnCloud Open Source Project – To setup your own OwnCloud server.