• January 2015 to Present
  • Built a collaborative highly productive department of 6 team members based on Key Performance Indicators
  • Budget forcasting, $1M annual capital budget, $550k annual operating budget
  • Author technology road map (both short and long term) and oversight of it’s execution
  • Strategically aligned all systems and architectures to business objectives
  • Consistent year to year growth in team size and department budget
  • Responsible for all systems related to business operations
  • Educate and lead executive staff on technology. I represent the highest authority in the organization with respect to technology.
  • Experience at all levels of the business and it’s operational processes (technical and non-technical)

About the NCTC

Starting with 12 cable operators in 1984, NCTC has grown to serve over 900 cable companies, ranging from less than 50 to over 1 million subscribers across the United States representing approximately 24 million subscribers (for context, Comcast has 23 million subscribers). NCTC manages approximately $3 billion dollars annually in programming and technology sales and provides member cable companies with capabilities on terms not possible on their own. In addition, NCTC has provided forums for its members to work together on new approaches to their businesses. In the last three years the NCTC has consistently grown in number of members, supplies relationships, scope of service and attendance at major events.

NCTC Website

My Role

  • Significant contributor to the strategic road map of new capabilities enabled by technology
  • Manages all technical / IT resources (internal and external)
  • Build alliances with NCTC partners and vendors to enable new services and improve supply chain efficiencies
  • Responsible for managing key initiatives including planning, resourcing, and execution
  • Champion the Agile Methodology within the technology team and throughout the organization as the guide for executing projects as the Scrum Master.
  • Cost oversight of department (operational and capital expenditures)
  • Actively involved in code development with all projects
  • Design and Oversee Software Development Process
    • Project Requirements and Priority to the Organization
    • Project Management – Scrum / Kanban process
    • Code Versioning and Backups – GitHub Repositories
    • Unit Testing – Mocha & Should.js
    • User Acceptance Testing – Selenium
    • Formal Documentation
    • Management of “Technical Debt”
  • Responsible for internal billing systems which manage $2.5 Billion dollars annually
    • Billing of Programming contracts between Members (Cable Companies) and Programmers (Networks such as Fox)
    • Billing of Hardware sales between Members (Cable Companies) and Vendors (Manufacturers such as Samsung)

Team Members

  • Solutions Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Developer / Server Administration
  • Desktop Administration / Server Administration


  • $1,000,000 annual capital budget
  • $450,000 operating budget