OwnCloud – Just Not Ready

So I have been getting questions about my ownCloud installation. All sorts of stuff, and all very legit questions. Unfortunately it seems like with each update there are still so many issues with this project. Therefore I wanted to make a general post for anyone interested in ownCloud. Its a great project and I think think it has some real merit both now and even more so in the future. That being said, the clients (both with windows and linux) are just way below par. I run windows 7, windows XP, and ubuntu on a daily basis. With all of them the errors I see with ownCloud’s clients are full of problems. Things don’t sync, the client crash, and the list goes on and on. Just pop over to ownCloud’s forums and you will see what I’m talking about.

The point here is, if you are looking at ownCloud for a business solution, or like in my case a heavy duty dropbox for all my stuff. It just isn’t there yet. If you can survive using just the web interface, then you will be fine. It works great, and I almost never have any problems with it.

As soon as I get an ownCloud client that run without error and appears to be stable after I push a few gig’s of data through it without error I’ll be right back here singing its praises until then… Buyer (ok its open source, so maybe Trier?) Beware!