Scott Weiner

CTO & Senior Consultant at Neueon

Scott served as fractional CIO for the NCTC prior to my arrival. It was he who interviewed and helped select me for the role of Director of IT for the NCTC. Scott is a great technical reference and has seen first hand my implementation, management, and leadership skills.

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Greg DeYoung

CIO at the Blue Valley School District

Greg is the Chief Information Officer for the Blue Valley School District and is a great professional & technical reference as an experienced executive that has worked with me for years.

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Josh Heizman

CTO of TeacherMatch

Josh is an experienced manager holding a Masters Degree and PMP Certification, he is both a personal friend and one time client of mine while he worked for the Blue Valley School District. Josh has worked directly with me on various technical implementations.

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Marc O’Leary

Co-Owner/Executive Director at Strawberry Hill Povitica Company

I worked for Marc at Sure Merchant for over 6 years and not only is he a close personal friend he is also a mentor. Marc is an experienced executive and entrepreneur.

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Doug Pettes

Vice President Digital Technology at Parnell Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

I worked with Doug for over a year on the Web Re-Design Project while working for the Blue Valley School District. Doug and I have worked together on both the business and technical aspects of that project.

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Jennifer Hoyt

Marketing Directory at EJ4

Jennifer is a close personal friend and co-worker. Jennifer and I worked to focus the eCommerce strategies for a variety of clients. She can attest to my technical skill and my ability to work under pressure to solve problems creatively.

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