Service Manager 2010 – Outlook Error, Email Affected Users

My organization continues to run into a bug using Service Manager 2010’s console. I have done a lot of research on this issue and I can’t seem to find a solution to it.

The issue is as our tech’s work incidents, randomly (I know I hate that word) they will get an error when they try to click the “Email Affected Users” link in the tasks bar related to this incidents. Everyone, including myself, is able to send out messages successfully but this seems to creep up without warning on some of us. To add a bit more information, everyone is using Windows 7 & Outlook 2010.




I have found a number of articles that detail this error, but its related to the web page links using the “mailto” attribute in the anchor tag.

Example Article

The solution is to create a new outlook profile. With the amount of users involved here, I need a more solid solution.

One thing to note, which I think might be related to the problem. After every successful email a window like the one below is opened. I have been able to close all those popups and sometimes (but not every time) it resolves the problem.