Setting up Compiz using Linux Mint

I read this at (here) and wanted to pass it along. 

There is some things you have to do to get Compiz work.

  • Install the packet “compizconfig-settings-manager”.
  • In a terminal window write “compiz –replace” (When you want Compiz start automatic you can open Control Center -> Startup Applications, and add a new post “Compiz” keeping the same command “compiz –replace”.
  • The CPU usage now raises a lot. That is because there is two competing window-managers running.

To stop that high CPU usage in MATE when running Compiz:

  • In a terminal type “mateconf-editor
  • When the editor opens:Go to /desktop/mate/session/required_components/windowmanager and replace “marco” with “compiz“.

Not much happens now,

Thats because nothing is checked in “Compiz Configuration Settings Manager”.

  • Open the Compiz Configuration Settings Manager.

    Check what compiz-functions you want to activate.

    One you sure need, the “Window Decoration“.

    Then you can choose “Move Window” and things you find good for you.

Myself I have activated Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube and Wobbly Windows.

Note that the number of windows are set in “General Options” -> Desktop Size.