SharePoint – Not able to edit items in a Project Task (Gantt Chart)

We recently created a site for management to track all the different projects in our department. I happily tossed up the “Project Task” list, which contains the mix of a excel style grid and a Gantt Chart thinking this will be the perfect solution.

Sure enough, it was. However, after all the project managers and directors got their projects listed inevitably some of the data needed to be changed. The problem was the “edit item” button was grayed out. When I moused over the grayed out button it read… “This control is currently disabled”. I reviewed the permissions and I couldn’t find anything wrong.

After lots of research and even for a while thinking I had to apply a hotfix to the SharePoint Cluster to fix it I found the solution. Due to the nature of this list you have to enable the edit column. This will not correct the grayed out button, but instead give you a new pencil icon at the end of each row giving you the exact same functionality.

To enable the edit column take these steps.
1. In the ribbon, go to “List Settings”
2. Then go to the “Views” section
3. Click on “Project Tasks”
4. There you will see a list of available columns, one of them will be the “Edit (link to edit item)”, click that check box and you are all set.

Here you should hopefully see a check box for Edit you can click on.

Screenshots of this process.