Single Sign On


  • Key Aspect of my Unified Architecture Strategy
  • Identification of Authoritative Data Sources
  • Integration between the CRM Framework and the CMS Framework
  • Advanced work flows in maintain data integrity with a number of sub-systems
  • Aligned with the migration of loosely coupled CMS modules in order to created a unified experience for users while simultaneously maintaining a agile / flexible solution.


Prior to my arrival at NCTC all the applications housed within the CMS where poor integrated (if at all) and had little to no direct integration with the CRM framework. I designed a solution which aligned with my overall organizational strategy to create a single sign on solution which used our authoritative data source for user data (our CRM) and directly integrated into our CMS Framework. As a result this solution had a number of benefits.

  • Drastically improved user experience
  • Improved reporting and reduction of duplicate data as I identified authoritative data sources
  • Improved user experience as users need fewer passwords and the User Interface for each application was much more consistent (each application inherited it’s style from the master CSS style sheet in the CMS while still being loosely coupled to the CMS Framework itself)
  • Formalized user creation, user updates, and user removal procedures for the entire organization
  • Allowed other outside applications to align reports and authentication mechanisms more efficiently