So here is another company taking a stab at the cloud music scene. I’ll give it to these guys, they got a unique and interesting spin on the idea. 10,000 overview… this service is coming from the artist’s perspective and not the individual user’s.

From what I can gather, is actually geared toward the artist putting up and making available his music on this platform. In this way, the artist can retain control on the song’s public or private availability on the web. Specifically allowing them to use traditional social networking tools like facebook, myspace, ect to promote the music.

They make it very easy for the random person (ie, me!) to embed songs as you can see. Assuming the artist has made the song public on

Black Keys (Demo) by LiquidForm

They even have different kinds of embedding widgets, to the point that you can even customize the color to match whatever site you posting it on.

Black Keys (Demo) by LiquidForm

While this service wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for… a place for me to do a mass upload for my entire music library, what it is can be viewed as the future of promoting music online. All retail businesses have to at least be aware and have a certain level of respect for the effects that social media can have on their business. The music industry is no different. Further more, we are getting closer and closer to a world where a guy in his garage can have the next giant hit simply by using online tools and a little luck with a viral tune. is a perfect example of how we are taking solid steps to get there.

To be completely un-bias it looks like they are having some trouble with their hosting provider. But more often then not, as the service gets adopted into the main stream and revenue begins to flow (dispite problems like these) the necessary upgrades and system scaleablity changes can be quickly made to get this service running as intended.

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