Tax Setup – Step by Step

This is a tutorial on setting up taxes in nopCommerce.

Setting up taxes can be just a bit tricky. It is definitely confusing the first time, but after you get the taxes set up for one product it is a quick and easy process from there. It is also a very good idea to set this up before you start creating all your products since you have to apply the tax to each product individually.

Here is how to set up your Taxing Setting from start to finish. Also keep in mind that as you are following these step, make sure to do them in order. If you get lost, screen shots are also at the end of this post for reference.

  1. In Admin go to “Configuration” -> “Tax” -> “Tax Setting”, here you are going to make sure you overall settings are correct.
    • Make sure you don’t click “Price Includes Tax”
    • Set the correct Country (in my case United States)
    • Set the state as Kansas
    • Tax display type: Excluding Tax
    • The rest is blank
    • Don’t set zip code, we will be using a country / state tax in this example and setting the zip will screw this up.
  2. Tax Classes – Next we are going to create a unique Tax Class that will contain you percentages and location. This step is just to get the label and order set up.
    • Here just create a normal Class. Its just a name and a display order.
  3. Tax Provider- Now we need to set up a Tax Provider using the Tax Class you just created. Make sure to apply the Tax Class you just created to the new Tax Provider you are making here.
    • Pick edit – “Tax By Country & State”
    • Here is the magic step, when this loads click the “Configuration” Tab.
    • Then create a new “Tax Rate”. My settings are…
      • Country: United States
      • State / Province: *
      • Tax Class: Pick the one you already created previously
      • Percentage: This is whatever your tax % is.
  4. Now you are all set, the last thing to do is to apply the Tax to your products. Keep in mind this setting is on the product variant level and not the base level product.

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This is definitely one of those fine points to setting up a nopCommerce store. If this isn’t working for please just ask a question or leave a comment. We are happy to help.