• Federated Middle-ware platform that unifies Cable Operators Billing Systems with TiVo Provisioning APIs for a fraction of the costs of a direct agreement with TiVo.
  • Lead all facets of the program including operations, support, and integration, as well as, developed multiple customer-facing portals(B2C, B2B).
  • Responsible for all mobile applications and mobile store submissions (iOS & Android)
  • Part of NCTC team which presented business case and value proposition to executive level staff.
  • +30 Cable Operators, +25k subscribers, +70k deployed Set-Top-Boxes (as 3/22/2019)

My Role

  • Customer Support Portal
    • Dynamic customer support site that loads content specific to each cable company based on the customer’s zip code / postal code.
    • Designed, Architected, and created all Documentation
  • Operational Support Portal
    • Operational support portal which allows staff of the respective cable company to manage all aspects of the solution. This includes device provisioning, device support, billing support, and device trouble shooting.
    • Designed, Architected, and created all Documentation
    • Designed all UI elements, page layouts, and user workflows. Specific JSON caching strategies to address TiVo Web Service limitations to create an optimal user experience.
    • Trained cable company trainers (Support, Warehouse, Cable-Techs)
  • Operational responsible for the Platform
    • Customer facing portal, which allows cable companies to post dynamic content specific to their solution under a single domain. Customers are routed to the proper content by entering in their zip code.
    • Designed, Architected, and created all Documentation
  • 24/7 Operational Support platform wide to all members
  • Regular Executive Level Status and Reporting
  • TiVo API Implementation and Execution
  • Support for TiVo Device Life Cycle
  • Support for Warehouse Process Integration
  • Role of Scrum Master – Agile / Scrum Software Development Processes


  • A direct deal with TiVo requires $350,000 per operator to offer this service. Our solution allows operators to offer the service at approximately one tenth the cost.
  • An “Over the Top” solution like TiVo allows cable companies to retain customers in the event that a programming contract is not renewed and channels are lost to their customers. This was a strategic play by the NCTC to provide a best in class “Over the Top” offering at the lowest possible cost to our members.
  • All cable company billing system integration was written by Digital Beam, managed by Sean Braun.
  • All services are published on Amazon Web Services.