Waze – The Social Navigation App

So I started using Waze.com when I found that the iPhone navigation app is a bit below par when compared to the android app. I was actually really surprized how bad the native iPhone navigation app was. I will not get into the pro’s and con’s of it, there are plenty of other articles you can read on that.

Instead I’ll give you a real quick run down on Waze. It literally is a social navigation app. As the community drives around they alert other on construction, police, and other hazards. The app also detects plenty of things like traffic jams and other traffic trends. It has completely solid directions to navigate you wherever you want to go and it will move you around hazards and whatever else you might encounter.

They have some other fun options like groups, which of exactly I joined a group that are all local commuters in my city. Another really fun idea is since the social aspect of this app’s functionality drives its use, after I posted a construction zone I got a message saying that another user gave me a thumbs up and said thank you for notify me. Hilarious because I had the option to respond with a “your welcome” message… which I didn’t do. Haha I love the concept, but I’m not really all that “social” with my social media.

I posted a couple pictures below of my usage of the app. If you are looking for a solid free navigation app for any mobile device, I definitely recommend this one.