What is the URL of my Topic? NopCommerce Topic Management

Figuring out what the URL of a nopCommerce topic you just created can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. I’m going to give a non-technical walk through in a moment. For the programmers in the room the quick answer is …

http://mystore.com/Topic/[Topic ID]-[Topic System Name].aspx

So to determine what your Topic ID and Topic System Names we need to go to the Manage Topics page in the nopCommerce Control Center. From there click the Edit Link for the Topic you wish to get the URL for. Once the edit page loads look at the URL for that page. It will look like this…


As you can see there is the Topic ID. The Topic System Name is just the System Name field in the Topic Editor. Nothing more than that. If you have any spaces in the System Name the URL will replace them with dashes. So a System Name like “My New Page” will have a url that looks like “My-New-Page”.

Until nopCommerce gets a normal content management system I hope this helps. This information is directly related to nopCommerce build 1.70.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, I have done some major coding overhauls of the nopCommerce Project. D3 Systems is also available for custom store front creations.