Change Management in K12

Untitled PageSo both at school and work I have been doing a lot of reading surrounding change management. If you are not familiar with the concept, here is a good start. Wikipedia, but the 5 second definition would be that this process helps your organization adapt to some type of change… usually one that relates to technology.

We are just getting started on a really large project I’m managing to overhaul both our internal and external web framework with SharePoint 2013. As a result I’m replacing a bunch of legacy systems in the process. Of course this has its own technological implications, but to the point of this post how will some of these changes impact our users of these various systems, namely teachers and students, and will they accept the change in technology?

I’m glad to say we have some help to specifically address the change that will occur of by way of some very qualified consultants. However I’m expecting to see some pretty heavy resistance for good reason, because we are a school district not a business. As a result, my organization has seen many implementations come and go that didn’t understand the difference.

  • Our goal isn’t monetary, it is educational… focused at the success of our students.
  • We don’t have that almighty CEO (although our superintendent is close) who trumps all others, instead we have a governing board and most major decisions are made by consensus.
  • Never ever under estimate the power of the teachers. Everything we do in technology at a K12 School District is done to support those teachers to more effectively teach. If any type of change impedes that goal, then that will be the end of that change.

We are just starting this process, but I’m excited to see how it all goes. I’ll be giving some more details toward the end of the process as the change management as had time to take effect and mature as the implementation gets closer and closer to launch. In the mean time, wish us luck!