Evernote (Windows) Client Running on Linux

Evernote-logoSo I have been looking for a really long time, like everyone else, for a fully functioning Evernote client that runs on Linux and handles the day to day work load. I finally got a solution that doesn’t involve Everpad or NixNote, instead what I describe below is how to run Evernote for Windows (version 5.5.3). I have been using it on Linux Mint 17 for a couple weeks now and so far so good. There are a couple of small bugs, but no show stoppers. I’ll keep a running list of bugs I find with this solution at the bottom of this post. If you find others, please leave a comment on this post and I’ll add it to the list.

Quick Explanation…

In order to do this I use “PlayOnLinux” (a build on top of WINE) which allows you to run Windows Programs on Linux. We then install the Window’s Version of Evernote and we are all set.

Detailed Explanation…

Below is a more formal step by step on how to get this running. Again if you have any questions just post a comment and I’ll get you an answer.

  1. Download the Window’s Evernote Client, I used the latest version. If you don’t have access to a Windows Machine then it will be tricky to get Evernote to allow you to download the client since it detects your browser is a Non-Windows Non-Apple product. To get around this I used a Firefox addon to chance my “user agent string” on my browser to trick the Evernote website into thinking it was IE.
    1. Download Firefox User Agent String Switcher
    2. Download Evernote Windows EXE 5.5.3 (From my dropbox)
  2. Next step is to download “PlayOnLinux”, I just used the native “Software Manager” and had Linux Mint install it for me. Nothing complicated here.
  3. Then run “PlayOnLinux” and click “install program”, when the next screen comes up so you can search for support programs you will see a small link in the lower right that says “Install a Non-Listed Program”, click that link.
  4. A wizard will come up, just click Next through the first step. In the follow screen select “Install a program in a new virtual drive”. FYI, when using wine install stuff on its down unique virtual drive. Don’t mix them, it will cause problems with library conflicts.
  5. Give you program a name, in this case “Evernote” and click Next.
  6. Next is a weird screen in my option. You want to check the box next to the option “Configure Wine”, then click Next.
  7. Select 64 bit and hit Next.
  8. Finally “PlayOnLinux” will build your virtual machine and up pops a window where you can select your “Windows Version”. I use Windows 7 in nearly all cases.
  9. Now you are asked “Please select the file to run”, click the browse button and select the Evernote EXE file you already downloaded.
  10. Now you will be greeted with the familiar windows version of the Evernote install screen. Just roll through it like you would on Windows.
  11. Wahoo! You got Evernote running on Linux!!!




  • Screenshot tools (not skitch, but native evernote function)
  • Native PDF viewer, pagination works correctly. I also checked this against PDF notes annotated in Skitch
  • Full sync against Library with over 5k notes
  • No problems with display,
  • Drag from File System into a Note
  •  Auto Save on closing a note, I didn’t notice any loss of data on any time of use

Bugs – Things That Do Not Work

  • Can not drag files (such as images) from the note to desktop or file folder
  • In “Snippet View” when viewing list of notes in a section, the preview section of the note has problems displaying the text in the note, all lines overlap so it looks garbled
  • Large Image displays in note is sometimes off and doesn’t scale down properly, results in high rez images showing at full rez making them hard to see
  • Skitch – I have yet to get this working. I have tried a couple different ways including installing Skitch in the same WINE instance as my Evernote install with no luck. If anyone can get this working I would love to know how.