Live CSS – WordPress Plugin

Live CSS is a WordPress Plugin that allows designers to alter the CSS on the literal page the CSS effects. So put a much simpler way, it is sort of like the firebug CSS editor feature with a save button. When you use the Live CSS plugin to edit your CSS, after making your changes and clicking the “Save” button, the plugin will automatically write you changes to the CSS file and update the page automatically. It does not “refresh” the page, so there is no waiting for the entire page to reload, it simply re-loads the CSS file with the changes you just made. It supports CSS syntax highlighting and themes with more than one style sheet, undo functionality (Cntrl-Z), along with all the other copy/paste features you would expect.

Below you will find some screen shots of the plug-in as well as a downloadable zip file to install the plug-in. Please email me with any questions, bugs, or additional feature requests. []

Zip File – Live CSS 0.5 Install Package