• 6 Years being solely responsible for this system
  • Maintained 30+ API’s used by the system
  • Actively maintained a code base which included .Net, XML, JavaScript, Flash/Flex, …
  • Technical Strategies
    • Threading
    • Object Oriented Design
    • Tier’ed Security
    • Load Balancing & Performance Optimization
    • Web Services
  • 600+ Merchants with 100,000+ Customer based
  • PCI-DSS Compliant eCommerce System is a web based, e-commerce system. The system has three tiers… an administrative area where employees can manage the store owners, a Site Manager where store owners can manage their store and products, and a storefront where the customers can purchase products made available by the store owner.

The application is a hybrid of classic asp and .net, backed by a SQL 2005 Server. This system also utilizes a large amount of JavaScript, 20+ VB6 executable for general maintenance, XML Web Services, dynamic Flash Objects, CSS, HTML, Adobe Flex, and SEO strategies.
This system communicates with a very wide array of 3rd Party APIs for many tasks including completing credit card orders, credit card batching, and shipping calculators. Some specific APIs the system uses are Elavon (Nova), Vital, Google, BluePay,, PayPal, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, and DHL.

Prior to my departure I was in the process of converting this system completely over to .Net and formalizing all SQL communication by use of store procedures and web services.


The system uses a blade server consisting of three IIS servers and a Melio file system. A traffic director handles load balancing between these three servers. I have built two of these IIS servers from the ground up. A SQL 2005 server is located on the same blade. A separate server is used to manage all maintenance executables.

Application Usage Statistics

  • 420 active stores (as of 3/1/2009)
  • approximately 300 to 500 orders to these stores a day
  • 50,000 hits a day.

Major Projects

  • Created a custom 512 bit encryption algorithm for credit cards stored on the system
  • Implemented threading algorithms for executables
  • Patched many SQL Injection holes by writing store procedures
  • Currently in the process of moving the application to .Net (as of 2-20-2009)
  • Updated the database to SQL 2005
  • Applied numerous SEO Strategies
  • I was solely responsible for this system