Role – Director of IT


  • January 2015 to Present
  • Principal Authority on Technology
  • 9 team members, Agile DevOps Methodologies w/ KPIs
  • Annual Budgets: $1.5M Recurring, $1M OpEx
  • Member of various strategic committees – Over-The-Top Mobile Application Advisory Board, Lead – Project Review Board, VUIT! Product Offering
  • Strategically aligned all systems and architectures to business objectives
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  • Unified all in-house applications under a single technology stack & architecture, elminated duplicate data sources, reduced solo’ed staff members using Paired Programming strategies
  • Implemented Agile methodologies customized to the organization. Trackable, repeatable processes to support key initiatives, support business operations, and bug-fixes all prioritized against the needs of the business. Not a “one size fits all” Agile / Kanban approach
  • Quantified all projects and technical debt against KPI’s reported in real time to the entire organization, the departments work and priorities are completely transparent
  • Implemented DevOps methodologies. All code is stored in Github Repos, programmatically deployed using Jenkins, with automatted testing, into AWS EC2 Instances
  • Significant contributor to the strategic road map of new capabilities enabled by technology
  • Responsible for managing key initiatives including planning, resourcing, and execution across the organization


  • DevOps Team – I manage a department whose priorities straddle prioritizing the operational needs of the business and execution of a number of key strategic projects.
  • Project and Operational Processes (Agile – Kanban)
    • I lead the Project Review Board, which determines prioritization of business goals as they relate to technology and department resources. Project Review Board includes CEO, VP of Ops, VP of Marketing, and VP of Broadband Solutions.
    • Estimate and timeline tracking & accountability. Includes various KPIs, such as the impact of UnPlanned work to business priorities, all of which are reported to Executive Level on a recurring schedule. All projects and support requests are public for all staff to see updated in real time, all work is completely transparent to the organization
    • Lead Daily StandUps, Retrospectives, Back Log Grooming, and other Agile/Scrum related events
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Business Operations

  • TiVo Federated API Platform – VUIT! Platform (click to read more)
    • API Integration Platform used to deliver TiVo Service to NCTC Members at a dramatically reduced cost directly intergrated into NCTC Member Company Billing Systems.
    • Supports all business lifecycle processes including; provision, activation, termination, etc across a variety of integration points (CSG, ICOMS, ETI, GLDS, Evolution, WTVE, Synacore, and more)
    • +40 Cable Operators, +50k subscribers, +100k deployed Set-Top-Boxes as of October, 2019
  • In-House Accounting Platform and Rate Engine (OLOT)
    • Responsible for internal billing systems which manage $4 Billion annually
    • Billing of over 100 Contracts (+3000 Billing Codes) between NCTC Member Companies and Partners (Networks such as Fox)
    • Billing of Hardware sales between NCTC Member Companies and Vendors (Manufacturers such as Samsung)


  • Direct support of technical topics related to various contracts; typically involving SLA, Data Transfer / Ownership, integration between platforms, and risk assessment / mitigration.
  • I work directly with NCTC legal to establish contracts and SOW it relates to service from my team to support our customers.
  • Actively involved with Legal Team on critical topics such as GDPR, CCPA, FCC Mandates, PII, and Visa PCI Compliance


  • Typical Annual Budget: $1.5M Recurring, $1M OpEx.
  • Principally responsible for cost oversight of department (Recurring Spend and OpEx)
  • Contributed to various Financial Models related to new Strategic Business Units
  • Author of Department Annual and 5-Year budgets, includes defense to executive leadership and occansionally Board of Directors.