Completed March 2006

I manged a team that was responsible for all client side code developed for State Farm. This included all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code as well as adhering to W3C standards and making the site handicapped compliant. I hired two hourly employees as additional members to my team.


This site was over 1500 pages. The site was developed by a team of graphic designers and the content was developed by a copy writing team. Once both teams had completed work on their section, it was passed to my team where it was coded to all related standards (W3C) and formatted to the look and feel of the graphic designers. At that point, my team was also responsible for quality control concerning testing for all browser types (handicap browsers as well), since the site was coded in CSS all major browser types had to be checks for a unified look and feel.

I developed a JavaScript solution which dynamically managed file directory structures. This functionality was requested by State Farm due to the current structure of there bandwidth management solution for multiple web servers. Upon delivery, State Farm requested permission (which was granted) to adapt my JavaScript solution to many other hosted sites stored on their web servers.