Role – Lead Developer


  • Aug 2006 to October 2011
  • Maintained over 20 third party applications integrated into the Ecommerce System
  • Ran a financial analysis on the MyCart Solution. After presenting my analysis I implemented a full data center migration saving over $9,600 monthly, removing single points of failure, increasing redundancy, and increasing the overall performance of the application
  • Solely responsible for 24-hour support and uptime of 11 production Web and SQL servers as well as all the software applications and web services being ran on them
  • Oversaw all technical aspects of the company, including server administration, application development, network security, graphic design, and custom development related to specific customer needs

My position at SureMerchant LLC involves many responsibilities. I lead all software development, as well as serving as the Systems Administrator of all our production servers, specifically +7 IIS Web Servers, and +4 SQL Servers. I’m 100% responsible for the up time of this system, any time an outage occurs I’m the first level of response, and in this situation it is my duty to immediately address the issue to minimize any down time. For the majority of my employment at SureMerchant LLC I have been the only employee with any coding experience. When large projects need additional employees, I am responsible for interviewing, hiring, and managing these new team members.

SureMerchant LLC is a small business and during my time there we staffed a maximum of 6 people and at our fewest I was the only full time employee. I think this detail is important to understand both the breathe of my technical experience but also to understand my ability to work under a very high amount of pressure.

Here is a more detailed list of the responsibilities I have had working for SureMerchant LLC, please click here for additional information regarding, Network Migration, and Sprint eFocus.

(August 2006 – October 2011) was my primary responsibility working for Sure Merchant LLC. It is an E-commerce web application with over 400 active stores processing 300 to 500 orders a day. The software solution was geared for small to mid-size businesses, and served as a full featured CMS and eCommerce system. The solution was fully PCI-DSS Compliant that contained 30+ API’s integrated into it’s custom code base. (ASP.Net, SQL, Flash, Flex 3, XML, Javascript, ASP Classic, VB Executables, …)

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Sprint eFocus

(April 2006 – June 2010)

Sprint’s Retail PCS Cell Phone Division software that represented the business model and life process of all retail cell phones nation wide. I managed the original version for two years, and then was responsible for a full re-write of the system from scratch. (ASP.Net, Flex 3, SQL, IIS 6, Windows 2003)

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Network Migration and Financial Analysis

(December 2010 – April 2011)

I ran a financial & system analysis on the entire network infrastructure of the MyCart System; including equipment leases, recurring costs, single points of failure, backup systems, database servers, and web servers. My report recommended a migration to a Virtual Solution because of the lower cost, increased stability, and better compliancy with PCI Standards. I then executed this migration by managing a team of network engineers, building out the all the web servers (and associated 3rd party components & .dll files) myself, I handled all testing and QC on the system once it was built, and then handled all aspects of the formal cut over to minimize any downtime to the system.

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Blue Valley School District

(April 2010 – October 2011)

I have execute multiple projects for the Blue Valley School District related to their student fee payment system. This system is used to pay lunch & breakfast fees, as well year books, and other misc. fees incurred by students in the district. I updated the application from ASP.Net 1.0 to ASP.Net 3.5, changed the payment gateway, increased overall security for the application, and altered the system for better PCI compliancy. I Worked directly with staff from Blue Valley and UMB Bank (UMB provided the payment processing services for the early stages of these projects) to integrate the updates and test the system. (ASP.Net 3.5, Web Services, XML, jQuery/Javascript) – NopCommerce

(December 2009 – March 2010)

Integrated NopCommerce (v1.6) into an multi-merchant single source hosting environment. I changed key structural and memory management components to run many stores off a single set of source code. I also developed a dynamic domain/sub-domain solution, an administrative client management system, billing process, and sign up module. I managed a team of overseas .Net developers for modular components, met purposed deadlines, and architected the database infrastructure for all of these new features. (Open Source NopCommerce project, ASP.Net3.5, IIS 7, SQL Server 2008)