Web Infrastructure Replacement


BlueValley SS 1

  • Project Cost: $2.1M
  • Project Duration: June 2013 to January 2016
  • Principally responsible for all aspects of the project.
  • Lead / Authored RFP, Deliverable Acceptance, Creative Assets, and Integration
  • Led “Web Committee” Responsible for Project (Executive Stakeholders)
  • Aligned the deliverables of two independant firms (Ciber and VML) for a unifed solution
  • Lead Migration from legacy CMS to SharePoint 2013
  • 100,000+ Authenticated User Base
  • Architectual Oversight, Designed Meta-Data Taxonomy, Information Architecture, Governance Policies

Authored Documents

This is one set of RFP documents I authored for this project. This project consisted of multiple RFP’s. I also manage other RFP’s for various IT related projects for the Blue Valley School District.

Project Details

The Web Infrastructure Project for the Blue Valley School District’s purpose was to update all web technologies used by the District to SharePoint 2013. The existing infrastructure consisted of a CMS for all public facing sites (including the District’s Main Site, 36 School Sites, and over 3000 Teacher/Staff Sites), and an intranet solution which used the Stoneware web framework.The user base consisted of 4,500 staff members, 23,500 students, and 53,000 parents. The over arching goal to increase the ability for communication between all previously mentioned user groups, create a collaborative and social environment, and provide a logical structure to increase the ability of all users to consumer information contained in the site.

This project has been my primary responsibility since I began working with the District. I have lead this project at every level, from the white-boarding stage to it’s implementation. As part of this project I lead a Web Committee that was created by the District to help drive the process and ensure that each aspect of the District was represented by its governing members.

Blue Valley SS 3

The following presents details on the various phases of the project.

  1. High Level Concept – Developed by myself, Greg DeYoung – CIO, and Ginger Gilbert – Dir of Ent Apps
  2. Introduction of various technologies to the Web Committee including risks and scalability (WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, and Custom Solution)
  3. Lead the Web Committee in the selection SharePoint as the framework
  4. I wrote the 2 RFP’s that encompassed the work this project – One for the Creative aspect, one for the Technical aspect
  5. Managed all vendor responses, questions, overall communication between the Business Office and Web Committee
  6. Led the Committee in the selection process of the winning vendors
  7. Negotiated the contract from the IT Department’s perspective
  8. Negotiated the MSA from the IT Department’s perspective
  9. Architected Solution – SharePoint Farm Structure, VM Resources, Network Load Balancing & Topology
  10. Managed the Development and Implementation process

Members of the Web Committee as of 2014

  • Dr. Sue Dole – Deputy Superintendent Education Services
  • Dr. Mike Slagle – Assistant Superintendent
  • Dr. Tonya Merrigan – Executive Director Curriculum & Instruction
  • Greg DeYoung – Executive Director of Information Technology Services
  • Kristy Sailors – Director of Education Technology
  • Kristi McNerlin – Director of Communications
  • Ginger Gilbert – Director of Enterprise Applications
  • Ashley Dunham – Graphic Designer / Web Master
  • Ryan Dunn – Senior Solutions Architect

The winning Vendors for this project were VML for the Creative aspect of the project and Ciber for the technical aspect of the project. During the development and implementation phases for this project it was my job to align the goals between the two firms, unify the expected deliverables from the creative phase by VML to the technical deliverables by Ciber. I am the primary point of contact for both firms, I report back project updates to the Web Committee, and oversee all management responsibilities for both the District and the firms in terms of resources.

I’m happy to provide references from both VML and Ciber who can attest to my level of involvement and technical expertise as it relates to this project.

Blue Valley SS 2

I have not listed a variety of technical details for this project for security purposes. However, I’m happy to discuss some of these details in person.

  • Network topology
  • SharePoint Farm topology
  • Load-balancing strategy
  • Architecture of a variety of custom web-parts and integrated applications
  • Operational maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Design for the potential of a future migration to the cloud
  • Authentication strategies, we have a distributed means of user authentication across multiple independent systems
  • Direct integration with various other enterprise applications
  • Student Information System
  • HR System
  • Finance System